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Last modified: 19 June 2012

So, yeah, I direct a planetarium: specifically, the Morrison Planetarium in San Francisco, California. And indeed, a planetarium experience (at the Adler in Chicago, Illinois) started me down the route toward a career in astronomy, so what can I say? It’s all their fault. Inevitably, things about the “industry” annoy me, so I’ve collected some of my ludicrous gripes and complaints in the form of My Planetarium Pet Peeves. On a related note, I also composed a diatribe about Intelligent Design, also based on posts to various mailing lists.

In the biz, I suppose my name is most closely associated with fulldome video, in large part because I’ve managed the Fulldome Mailing List for many years. I currently invest my time in IMERSA (Immersive Media Entertainment, Research, Science and Art), but I formerly acted as the chair of the International Planetarium Society Fulldome Video Committee, which pretty much cinched my geek status. I’ve even dedicated a chunk of this site to the topic.

Another item of interest to those in the field might be my “Visualizing Science” blog, which discusses a variety of topics in the realm of how we create visuals to illustrate scientific concepts. I neglect the blog horribly these days, and my ruminations can now be found in the “Visualizing Astronomy” column of the Communicating Astronomy with the Public journal.

And on a related note, I’ve compiled a bibliography on the history of science that expands on work I originally did for the “Scientific Revolution” course at the Hayden Planetarium.

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